Fire Prevention/Education

Fire Prevention and Education

Each October, the EVFPD celebrates Fire Prevention Week in the local Estes Park community. The volunteer fire fighters hold an annual pancake breakfast at Dannels Fire Station and children get the chance to enter the Fire Prevention Week Coloring Contest. Firefighters take fire engines to the local Elementary, Middle and High Schools to give educational programs to students as well as visiting local pre-schools throughout the Estes Valley. The Estes Valley Public Library also holds children’s story time tours at the Dannels Fire Station so children and parents have a better understanding of what to do in case of a fire and what happens inside the fire station. By educating children at a very young age we are helping reduce the number of fire accidents each year and saving lives.

Youth Fire Escape Plan Game

Introduce children to the engaging and interactive online world of the Uh-Ohs, featuring NFPA - approved games and activities that reinforce vital safety messages. Visit

Living in the WUI Zone

The Wildland Urban Interface Coordinator is responsible for increasing community awareness of the need to reduce wildfire damage to homes and property, reduce the fuel load in high risk areas and also reduce the effects of Mountain Pine Bark Beetle on the pines in the area through educational opportunities and making site visits to properties when requested. It is up to the property owner to reduce the fire hazards on his/her property.

Fire fighters cannot take the time to trim trees and cut down shrubs or rake needles and cones away from the structures when a wildfire threatens. Fire staff is available to visit your property and make suggestions of ways to create and maintain a defensible space around your home from April – through early November. Please contact the Fire District at 970-577-0900 to schedule an appointment or for further information.