Stations & Apparatus

Fire Stations
Station 71
901 N. Saint Vrain Avenue
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 577-0900 (call 911 for emergencies)
Administrative Offices
Apparatus: E71, E72, L71 T71, E713, E716, S79
Station 72
1600 Mills Drive
Estes Park, CO 80517
Primary station for Rocky Mountain National Park
Apparatus: T72
Fire Apparatus
The department has a diverse fleet of apparatus to support the range of services we provide. We strive to replace our heavy apparatus at 20 years of age and support vehicles at 10 years of age, in line with industry standards. Retired apparatus are sold or donated, depending on what is most appropriate. 
Effective January 1 2020, all apparatus numbers have been updated to reflect a county-wide numbering system. Estes Valley will have Stations 71 and 72, and apparatus will be numbered based on their stations. This new numbering will aid our units when operating on scene together, responding across district lines, and simplifying radio communications. Apparatus will have updated graphics after the new year. 
Many of the below photos were taken by 5280 Fire. You can find additional pictures of our apparatus on their website. They also have a section for all of our retired apparatus. Thanks to 5280 Fire for maintaining this archive! 
Engine 71 (2017)
    Manufacturer: E-One 
    Firefighter Capacity: 6 SCBA
    Water: 750 gallons
    Pump: 1500 gallons/minute
    Additional: Extrication and RIT
Tender 71 (2014)
    Manufacturer: Pierce / Freightliner 
    Firefighter Capacity: 2
    Water: 2100 gallons
    Pump: 500 gallons/minute
    Additional: Type 1 tactical with drop tank
Engine 713 (2013)
    Manufacturer: Pierce / Freightliner 
    Firefighter Capacity: 5
    Water: 500 gallons
    Pump: 500 gallons/minute
    Additional: NWCG Type 3 Wildland Engine
Ladder 71 (2019)
    Manufacturer: Pierce Ascendant, Velocity
    Firefighter Capacity: 6 SCBA
    Water: 5 gallons in two extinguishers
    Aerial: 107 ft. with 750 lb tip load
    Additional: Extrication equipment,
        Paratech struts, rope rescue equipment,
        lifting air bags, saws, and fans
Engine 72 (2009)
    Manufacturer: Spartan 
    Firefighter Capacity: 4 SCBA + 2
    Water: 750 gallons
    Pump: 1500 gallons/minute
    Additional: Extrication and RIT
Tender 72 (2000)
    Manufacturer: Freightliner 
    Firefighter Capacity: 3 SCBA
    Water: 1800 gallons
    Pump: 1500 gallons/minute
    Additional: Drop tank and ground ladders
Engine 716 (2004)
    Manufacturer: Ford 
    Firefighter Capacity: 5
    Water: 300 gallons
    Pump: not rated
    Additional: NWCG Type 6 Wildland Engine
Squad 79 (2005)
    Manufacturer: Ford
    Firefighter Capacity: 8
    Additional: Swiftwater, Ice Rescue, and
               technical rope rescue equipment
Staff 70: 2020 Dodge Rebel
Fire Chief's vehicle
Staff 73: 2016 Ford Expedition
Duty Officer vehicle
Utility 71: 2011 Ford F250
Removable snow plow
Staff 74: 2020 Toyota Tacoma
Fire Prevention
Staff 75: 2017 Ford Escape
Fire Prevention
Boat 79 (Swiftwater)
Enclosed Trailer for UTV
UTV 79