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January 17, 2020

Firefighter Rescue & Survival Classroom

In this full day of classroom training, the student will have a complete understanding of the roles and responsibilities during a firefighter rescue regardless of your position. You will learn how to rescue other firefighters (R.I.T.) and how to save yourself (Firefighter Survival), by watching captivating live fatality videos and discussing case studies. This course teaches R.I.T. Responsibilities for the tailboard firefighter up to the commanding officer. Also discussed will be: 
- Survival Size-Up
- Proactive Tasks of the R.I.T.
- Tools and Equipment
- Command and Control of a MAYDAY
- Search Patterns
- Assessment, Packaging, and Drags
- Firefighter Extrication
- Mayday! What it is and how to use it
- Radio Communications
- SCBA Emergencies
- Reorientation Techniques
- Self-Rescue/Bailout Techniques

During a firefighter rescue or firefighter survival event, hormonal induced tachycardia (fight or flight) will overwhelm you. In this program you will learn why some firefighters do irrational things leading to fatal events. We will learn how to alter our training so that we can execute appropriately under survival stress.

$60 with lunch provided

February 01, 2020

DRI - Surface Ice Rescue

This class will follow the Dive Rescue International curriculum 
( It will be part classroom, written exam and practical hands on work. Students bring Ice Rescue suits to class. If you do not have the correct attire, call contact below.


February 06, 2020

DFPC Instructor I

Course is Th 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27. Practical exam 3/5. All dates are 18:00-22:00

The course is designed for individuals who want to develop the knowledge and ability to deliver instruction effectively from a prepared lesson plan, including instructional aids and evaluation instruments. The Fire Instructor I will adapt lesson plans to the unique requirements of the students and the authority having jurisdiction, organize the learning environment so that learning is maximized, and meet the recordkeeping requirements of the authority having jurisdiction. The course meets or exceeds the job performance requirements in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1041, Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications, Chapter 4.

The classroom dates will cover all lecture material AND the proctored exam for DFPC. In order to schedule the written test for DFPC Instructor I, student must complete all course material and pass the practical exam.


February 15, 2020

Tricks of the Truck - Classroom

In order to increase scene safety and productivity, Truck company operations is a must! It doesn’t matter if a designated Truck company or members from another apparatus completes these essential tasks, what matters are those members need to be trained in the most efficient manner possible.

This 1-day seminar will teach all six positions of the Truck Company. Those include; the Company Officer, Irons, Can, Driver Operator, Outside Vent and Roof position. We understand that all positions might not be filled, but when your members work at different locations of the fire building, they assume those respected job assignments. This course will explain tangible and safe ways of accomplishing tasks by splitting crews in order to increase productivity.

In addition, you will learn the tricks of the trade in regards to Conventional Forcible Entry, Unconventional Forcible Entry, Though the lock, Ground Ladders, Multiple Search tactics, Civilian Rescue, Flat and Peaked Roof Ventilation, Overhaul, enlarging openings, and more. After this course you will have an understanding of the roles and tactics that will increase the productivity and safety on your fire scenes with less radio traffic.

$60 with lunch provided

March 06, 2020

Aggressive Interior Search H.O.T. (Hands On Training)

The rescue of human life is the most important task on the fire ground. Being able to perform that function safely and expeditiously while being thorough is paramount for a successful outcome. Searching and locating civilians will be the focus of this 8hr course. Multiple strategies for searching, depending on the building layout and task at hand will be taught. Such skills consist of conventional and orientated search, vent-enter-search, rope assisted search, large area/team search, etc. 


Orientation of the searchers will be stressed but tactics for reorientation and other problems that firefighters can encounter will be practiced. In addition to searching, rescue techniques in the IDLH atmosphere will be trained including; civilian drags, window lifts, ladder carries, lowering victims, etc.


In this all-inclusive search and rescue course you will feel more confident and be more proficient in this essential fire ground function.

$75 with lunch provided

April 10, 2020

FF Rescue Course H.O.T. (Hands On Training)

It is not enough to just say that you have a R.I.T. team established; you must act on an established plan if a member goes down during a fire. This dynamic 1-day hands-on course will consist of Firefighter Rescue (RIT) skill stations ending in a comprehensive scenario. True competency come from realistic hands-on training.  In this high speed, When Things Go Bad training the student will learn; assessment of a downed firefighter, air management, packaging, drags, up/down stairs, deploying in as a RIT team, and other Firefighter removal skills.  The day will end with a scenario that brings all skill stations together.  After this course, the student will be confident in multiple situations in which to rescue other firefighters when the need arises.

$75 with lunch provided

May 10, 2019

FF Survival Course H.O.T. (Hands On Training)

In this 1-Day Firefighter Survival course the student will learn from instances during past fatalities and arm themselves with an increased skill set in firefighter survival.  Skills that will be accomplished are: MAYDAY transmission, wall breaching, the naked SCBA drill, reading couplings, disentanglement, skip breathing, reorientation techniques, headfirst ladder bailouts and rope slide.


In an imminent life-threatening situation, physiological changes occur. Let’s not find ourselves in a situation that can be easily remedied - only if we knew the proper technique.

$75 with lunch provided

June 02, 2020

DRI - Swiftwater II

This class will be five dates:

Tuesday June 2 1900-2200

Tuesday June 9 1900-2200

Tuesday June 16 1900-2200

Saturday June 20 0800-1700

Tuesday June 23 1900-1700


Attendance is required at all five dates for completion. Course fee will cover cost of course materials (textbooks) and lunch on Saturday. Additional Information: This class will follow the Dive Rescue International curriculum ( It will be part classroom with a written exam and practical hands on work. You will need to attend all 5 classes for certification.


Students must be DRI Swiftwater I certified at start of the class.


June 12, 2020

Street Smart Forcible Entry H.O.T. (Hands On Training)

While many disciplines are important in the fire service, many cannot be performed without gaining entry into the fire building. Performing forcible entry can be an efficient skill that appears to be a non-event.  Or it can be an embarrassing moment that is filled with stress and anxiety as the engine is waiting to advance to the fire.  In this 8-hour course you will learn the street-smart techniques to make you successful in areas such as; conventional forcible entry, unconventional forcible entry to include hasp & staples, slide bolts, chain and padlocks, etc, through the lock entry, burglar bar removal, rotary saw entry, concrete wall breaching, rollup door entry and more. From door size-up to door removal you will learn many “tricks” that will make your entry a more simple and efficient task. After this course you will be supplied with an arsenal of skills awaiting your next forcible entry!

$100 with lunch provided

July 10, 2020

Unconventional Ground Ladders H.O.T. (Hands On Training)

There can never be enough second means of egress to make our fire scenes safer and provide for a more productive work place. In this 8-hour course, we will train on conventional and unconventional ground ladder skills in its entirety. Starting with ladder facts, we quickly proceed to: multiple ladder raises including; marquee and shoot raise, ally raise, upside down balcony raise, rope butt, chicken wing, etc. Moving on to; ground ladder victim removals from windows and roofs, hoisting, climbing techniques, alternative leg and arm locks, and more… All sections will conclude in various micro-scenarios to allow the student the ability to apply learned material in realistic time sensitive situations.  After this course you will feel free of “ladder intimidation” and will find yourself throwing more ground ladders than ever before. Thus creating a safer fire scene for you and your members.

$75 with lunch provided

August 13, 2020

Estes Valley Fire Academy (TBD)

See our Fire Academy page for more information

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