Course Offerings

Upcoming Courses (scheduled)

Officer Development

Th 03/04, Th 03/11, Th 03/25, Th 04/01

Regardless of our rank or position, we all have a role to play in advancing the mission of our organization. How will you contribute?

Incident Command for Initial Attack (NWCG S-200)

Sa 03/20 & Su 03/21

This course is designed to meet the training needs of the Incident Commander Type 4 (ICT4). There will be additional training through simulation on the sand table and SimTable.

Firefighter II (DFPC)

May 2021, various dates

This academy meets the DFPC FFII JPRs towards the full state certification. State written and practical will be administered at the end of academy

Live Fire JPRs, DFPC Firefighter I & Firefighter II

Sa 06/12

Participate in a Structure fire, Car fire and Gas fed fire to satisfy your FFI & FFII JPR's.

Firefighter I, Part I - Exterior

Start Th 08/12

Prepare firefighters for all exterior roles: defensive firefighting, MVC’s, FF safety/health, and support roles. 

Firefighter I, Part II - Interior (DFPC FFI)

Start Th 09/30

Building on the foundation of the Exterior Academy, add all interior fire roles. This academy meets the DFPC FFI JPRs.

Firefighter I, Part III - HazMat (DFPC HazMat Ops)

Start Th 12/02

Educate students on identification of and response to hazardous materials incidents.

Planned Courses (not yet scheduled)

Instructor I (DFPC)

2022, Alternating years with Officer Development

Swiftwater I (DRI)

2022, Alternating years with Swiftwater II

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