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Evacuation Resources

We never hope to evacuate the community, but know we must be prepared for the possibility. There are steps you can take to be ready. 

EVFPD Information Guide-Assembling a Go Kit.pdfEVFPD IG Spanish-Assembling a Go Kit.pdfEVFPD Information Guide-Preparing for Evacuation.pdfEVFPD IG Spanish-Preparing for Evacuation.pdf


Sign Up For Emergency Alerts

  • Residents can sign up at for various notification options
  • Guests can text EPAlerts to 888777
NoCo Alert Information.pdfReachwell App - Language Translation for Emergency Alerts


Pay Attention to Critical Weather


Know More Than One Way Out

  • For fires, move out of the path of the fires are driven by wind and topography
  • In Estes, expect fires to move fastest to the east 
  • For flooding, move to higher ground

Depending on the season and the incident, there are five (5) ways out of town. Know more than one way out in case of traffic or a route is impacted by the incident.

  • NORTH - County Road 43 towards Glen Haven
  • NORTHEAST - Highway 34 towards Loveland
  • SOUTHEAST - Highway 36 towards Lyons
  • SOUTH - Highway 7 towards Lyons (or 72 to Nederland)
  • WEST - Highway 34 and Highway 36 towards Grand Lake (Trail Ridge Road)