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Fire Academy

Photo of 2020 Academy Class 4

The Estes Valley Fire Academy is structured in three sequential parts, allowing participants to train to their desired level of certification. 

     - Exterior Firefighter*

     - Interior Firefighter*

     - Hazardous Materials Operations*

     - DFPC Firefighter II

DFPC Firefighter I requires Exterior, Interior, AND HazMat Ops


Live Fire JPRs, DFPC Firefighter I & Firefighter II

Sa April 2

Participate in a Structure fire, Car fire and Gas fed fire to satisfy your FFI & FFII JPR's.


Firefighter II (DFPC)

Start Thursday May 5, 2022

This academy meets the DFPC FFII JPRs towards the full state certification. State written and practical will be administered at the end of academy


Firefighter I, Part I - Exterior

Start Thursday August 11, 2022

Prepare firefighters for all exterior roles: defensive firefighting, MVC’s, FF safety/health, and support roles. 


Firefighter I, Part II - Interior (DFPC FFI)

Start Thursday September 29, 2022

Building on the foundation of the Exterior Academy, add all interior fire roles. This academy meets the DFPC FFI JPRs.


Firefighter I, Part III - HazMat (DFPC HazMat Ops)

Start Thursday December 1, 2022

Educate students on identification of and response to hazardous materials incidents.


Below are the schedules from 2020. We will update with the 2021 calendar as they are finalized, but this will give a sense of the programs. 


  • All courses meet Thursdays 18:00-22:00 and Saturdays 08:00-17:00 with weekly online assignments
  • The DFPC Firefighter I Certification requires successful completion of all three modules, proctored skills testing, and written exams
  • The DFPC Firefighter II Certification requires successful completion of all FFII JPRs covered in the class, proctored skills testing, and written exams
  • Students who miss more than 8 hours of any given module will be excused from the class

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