Volunteer firefighters have protected the Estes Valley since 1907. Click on hyperlinked names for our #EstesValleyFirefighter series, which will introduce you to the unique individuals who keep that tradition alive, celebrating their contributions to our fire department and the role they play in our Estes community.
To learn more about joining this special group and serving your community as a volunteer firefighter,
CLICK HERE or simply stop by Station 1 at 901 N. Saint Vrain Avenue. 
Chief David Wolf (2016)
Division Chief of Operations & Training Paul Capo (2017)
Division Chief of Prevention & Life Safety Kevin Sullivan (2020)
Assistant Chief Jon Landkamer (1991)
Captain Rick Spear (2005)
Captain Justin Kearney (2006)
Training Lieutenant Christopher Thomas (2018)
Lieutenant Nathan Meulener (2013)
Lieutenant Bradley Harris (2015)
Lieutenant Jason Hennig (2013)
Lieutenant Spencer Pedigo (2018)


Erika Goetz (2015)

Mike Richardson (2003)



Andrew Averdick (2017)

Katherine Averdick (2018)

Ronald Bruchwalski (2020)

Scott Chew (2011)

Talia Doerksen (2020)

Russ Franklin (2017)

Ryan Franklin (2018)

William Harkins (2014)

Rachel Hofsess (2016)
Ryan Leahy (2016)

Butch McCown (2000)

Megan Platz (2019)

Caitlin Rugaber (2019)

Sam Rugaber (2019)

Heidi Salow (2019)

Laura Shepard (2020)
Dylan Wallace (2015)



Mercedes Collins (2018)

Nicole Friel (2011)

Megan Hodde (2017)

Mark Igel (1990)

Doug Klink (2002)

Tim Krall (2016)

Daryl McCown (1979)



Erin Early (2021)

Kim Trees (2021)

D'Rae Ward (2021)

Jozelle Ward (2021)

Allen Yingling (2021)

Natasha Yingling (2021)

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(XXXX) Year first joined Estes Valley Fire

Community Risk Reduction

Alyse Averdick (2021)