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Wildfire Property Assessments

Homes located in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) are at greater risk of wildfire. You can see our page on Living in the WUI for specific information on this risk.  

Photo depicting a burn scar

Fortunately, there are methods through construction and mitigation to reduce the risk to a property. Our Property Assessment Program is a free service offered to help you improve your wildfire resiliency. 

Some recent examples from fires in Summit County, CO have demonstrated the value of fuels mitigation. See this video by the Summit County Wildfire Council. The photo to the right is from the 2018 Buffalo Mountain Fire near Silverthorne (taken by Colorado Division of Fire Prevention & Control Multi-Mission Aircraft) showing the buffer zone that prevented the fire from reaching nearby structures. 

Photo depicting a Wildland Urban Interface environment

Property Assessment Program​

The Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) program proactively works to prevent wildland fires by educating the public on the real threat of wildfire, reducing the threat of wildfire to the community, and assisting homeowners in the creation of defensible space on their property. Our Wildfire Mitigation Specialist conduct individual home assessments to evaluate your wildland fire risk and hazard and to provide wildfire information for homeowner's associations and events.

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How do I get an assessment of my property?​

Photo showing Firewise home ignition zones

To schedule a property assessment, email us at 

A residential property assessment will take approximately two hours.  

I've had my assessment, now what? 

Once you understand your risks, you can start to address them. Many recommendations are straightforward based on the assessment criteria, but you can find more resources on how to make your property more fire-resistant on our page Living in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)